JOHN is a Stock Market Gambler and long-time student of "the Casino Market".  Thus this Website & his Blogs are devoted to his Observations, Selections, Opinions, and Methodology. The Markets are his Business-Hobby by Experience, but also was the pathway to his recent "LIBERATION DAY". (Retirement was on Jan. 1, 2009) Even if his approach may be lighthearted (lightheaded?), his Stock Trades are as serious as a heart attack.

JOHN has always treated the STOCK MARKET as just a large wagering Casino, with the House tilting their odds, but if a "Game of Chance down on Wall Street" is your action, why not pop in here to John's website regularly? In his on-line gambling parlor, Stocks & Options are your chips and your Profits (or Losses) are real money. So, place a Buy/Sell bet, double down, and let it spin!!!
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This web site is so good that it has been known to cure acne and several kinds of
venereal diseases although it may cause dyspepsia.  Of course, your results may vary.
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This site of JOHN's hopefully will return by NOV. 15th as he does some much needed and postponed maintenance on the various links and formatting on these pages. Since his retirement 5 years ago, his "work" speed is roughly half of normal and his focus has been half of that half or less, but he will be return soon... hopefully, so will you!